Profile information

My name is Gabriela Ramirez I live in Visalia, CA, but I am currently studying at Antillean University in Puerto Rico.  I love going out doors and exploring nature. Since I live close to the mountains I like visiting the giant Redwood trees. When I am not outdoors I am inside doing crafts.


Pilares del Marco Conceptual

Metas Personales

Persona Empática



  • Be mindful of other people’s difficulties and take them in consideration.
  • Have patience when some students have a difficult time learning a new concept.
  • Take into consideration different learning styles.

Conocedor y Facilitador



  • Educate myself profoundly on the subject I am teaching.
  • Make time  out of class time for individual student help
  • Be organized and diligent when presenting class notes.

Reflexivo en la toma de decisiones



  • Profoundly reflect in decisions that affect the class.
  • Make decisions only for the benefit of the majority
  • Consult with my Christian teachings before making a decision.

Profesional Colaborador y Comprometido



  • Discover and educate myself on new teaching styles and methods.
  • Collaborate with community events to involve myself and students.
  • Be a communicative force in the students’ lives.


Una persona empática:


  • Understands when a student is having a bad day and doesn’t get irritated with them.
  • Teaches at a slower pace if students need it
  • Is understanding when students do something that is out of character.


  • Makes decisions that are fair for all parts
  • Gives enough time for students to finish work
  • Creates fair consequences a student.


  • Is loving and doesn’t inflict fear
  • Doesn’t raise her voice in anger
  • Listens to students doubts or difficulties they might be going through


  • Provides help for students after school or during lunch hours
  • Comes prepared to class
  • Tries different teaching methods to give the students with different learning styles an opportunity to learn as well

Love of Christ

  • Shows her love for Christ through her actions
  • Students see Christ through her personality
  • Provides spiritual help if correct and needed